Boost Your Next Workout

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Essential oils are awesome at boosting your energy, performance, and motivation for workouts. To get pumped for a workout we love using Peppermint essential oil, Ningxia Nitro liquid shot, and some Rockin' music! To employ these secret weapons before your next workout add a drop or two of peppermint to your water, apply peppermint to your left collar bone, left earlobe, and a drop on the back of your neck. Finally, finish with a shot of Ningxia Nitro and then get after it!

Peppermint Essential Oil has many medicinal benefits that are useful for performance, exercise recovery, and health. Peppermint has been shown to reduce perceived effort, improve mood and brainpower, increase lung function, as well as increase work capacity and power during exercise.

Ningxia Nitro is a blend of essential oils and botanical extracts that support normal energy levels and alertness to help you get through your workout routine with energy to spare! We find that Ningxia Nitro increases mental fitness, cognitive alertness, and physical acuity that enhances athletic performance and endurance! (tastes good too)!

According to studies during exercise, music causes people to push themselves for a longer period of time, report lower levels of exertion, and maintain a better mood overall. The right Rockin' Music for you will likely be personal preference. You'll know you've found your workout playlist when the tunes elevate your mood, reduce the amount of mental energy you expend to keep moving and push you to ride out waves of exhaustion, rather than giving up too early.


Ready for your next workout? Use one or ideally all three of these simple ways to boost your next workout. Give it a shot! Once you do be sure and come back and comment on your experience.

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