Life Changing Gift

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Four years ago I received one of the best gifts ever... On Mothers Day 2014 I got a Young Living essential oils premium starter kit. That gift has changed the way I do life in so many ways. The more I consistently use these oils, the bigger changes I see in my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I'm blown away how much they impact me in positive ways each and every day of the year!

All these years I had tried so hard to achieve optimal health but it wasn't until my body relaxed and was supported emotionally that I experienced lasting breakthrough. The therapeutic grade oils alongside other pursuits were strong catalysts in breaking me out of my own prison and enabling true healing and freedom. The oils did something to my brain and to my nervous system that brought my stress levels down and helped me operate with ease.

I am so thankful for these oils! I love that the oils support every system of my body. When I use an oil I am supporting my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I truly feel like a different person when I "oil up". I have more energy, more focus, more confidence, more joy, more courage, more stability, and more vitality! When I feel this way I find it easier to walk out the calling God has for me.

I am not saying that the oils solve everything or are the end all of wellness but wow do they make life easier and set your body up to receive what it needs to in order to function optimally.

I use oils for just about everything. They are a way of life. I use them for cleaning, supporting my hormones, for exercise performance, for supporting energy, during my prayer time, for creating an uplifting atmosphere, for cooking, for skin care, for making personal care products, for relaxation, for soothing a tummy ache, for knocking out sickness and allergies, for pain management, for healing, for keeping bugs away, for sun protection, and so much more! I wouldn't want to experience a day without my oils. They bring me so much joy!

Not only do I find great joy in using these gifts but it also brings me even greater joy to share these gifts with others and see their lives impacted in many incredible ways! It is because my story and the profound impact the oils have had on my life and my emotional resilience when combined with my faith that I am passionate about sharing these precious gifts from God. I believe that these exquisite drops of essential oils are powerful examples of God’s provision for us through the ages. If you haven't given essential oils a try, just do it, you will be glad you did!


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